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Affiliation Details

Affiliation Details

What is an affiliate program?

Various online retailers will pay a commission for a site who redirects traffic to their site when that user buys the product from them. The commission rates vary but its commonly a few pennies for every dollar.

Why I participate in affiliate programs.

We all wish we had a side hustle that generated tens of thousands of dollars of extra income right.  This isn’t that.  This helps me pay the cost of hosting the website and if I’m lucky helps me buy a new toy to evaluate and give you some reviews about. Breaking even is a good month.

Plus sometimes I can share some good deals, like a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime.

What it doesn’t mean.

I do not get paid or persuaded by a retailer or a product manufacturer in any way. Big companies are not paying me to say their products are good and you should buy them.

But hey, if you are a big company and want to help pay for my website.  Reach out to me and maybe you can run a display ad on my website.  For the readers, this is the side bar or banner advertising.  It doesn’t affect my content!