Backpacking with Dogs
Resources for Hiking with a Dog

Resources for Hiking with a Dog

First Aid for a Dog

Basic Procedures for First Aid for Dogs by the American Veterinary Medical Association

Cat & Dog First Aid online course provided by the American Red Cross is a free 35 minute online course with certification

Pet First Aid Kit Infographic by the ASPCA. This is good for at home where poisoning is very common but one thing this doesn’t include is a muzzle, but you should include one if you plan on touching your dog after they have a broken bone or other painful injury. Check out the First Aid section of our guide.

National Scenic Trail Guides and Regulations

Appalachian Trail (AT) Guide for Hiking with Dogs by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy

Arizona Trail (AZT) Resources for hiking with a Dog by the Arizona Trail Association

Continental Divide Trail (CDT) Planning Guide by the Continental Divide Conservancy is very useful but has no real information for Hiking with a Dog.

Florida Trail FAQ by the Florida Trail Association has a brief mention that directs you to check with each jurisdiction.

Ice Age Trail Resources for hiking with a dog by the Ice Age Trail Alliance.

Natchez Trace Trail Pet Guide by the National Park Service covers resources for hiking with a dog and even cats!

New England Trail (NET) FAQs by the New England Trail Association identifies the sections of the trail that do not allow dogs.

North Country Trail Planning Guide by the North Country Trail Alliance has a paragraph on Hiking with a dog and the regulations and laws.

Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) Resources for Hiking with a Dog by the Pacific Crest Trail Association

Pacific Northwest Trail (PWT) FAQs including Dog regulations by the Pacific North West Trail Association

Potomac Heritage Trail Guide by the National Park Service lists out each park and trail in the network allowing you to find the regulations and guides for any section you will be hiking through.

Product Reviews

Ruffwear Backpack

Lighting Options for the Trail

GPS Trackers

Other Resources

Equipment to keep you fit. Setup a home gym

Some alternatives to camping mats is a good yoga mat

Some relevant reviews of portable fire pits and fire features.